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The Samsung P7 Series Tablet

Samsung's been busy recently: as if making smartphones and tablets wasn't enough, it's having a go at a new kind of PC too. Like Asus's Eee Slider the PC 7 Series transforms from a tablet into a netbook thanks to a slide-out keyboard, but unlike the Asus this is a Windows machine.

The PC 7 Series has a keyboard

At first glance the PC 7 Series is a ten-inch tablet, but behind the screen there's a keyboard that slides out and turns the device into a fairly large netbook. It's a full-size keyboard like the ones you'll find in Samsung's range of netbook computers.

The PC 7 specifications are pretty hefty

That screen is a 1366x768 HD screen, and the processor is an Oak Trail Intel Atom processor. Despite the fairly hefty processor, Samsung promises battery life of around 9 hours of real-world use. Storage is solid state, with a choice of 32GB or 64GB models.

The PC 7 runs Windows 7

You won't find a scaled-up phone operating system on this machine: Samsung's offering full-fat Windows 7 Home Premium, which means it'll do anything a normal laptop does. While Windows 7 itself wasn't designed as a touch-based operating system it does support touch input, and Samsung provides some of its own apps for touch-controlled music, movies and note taking.

The PC 7 is due round about now

The release date for the first PC 7 Series model, the TX100, was scheduled for March 2011 with an RRP of $699, but it appears to be running late and there's no sign of a UK release just yet. The usual UK importers such as Expansys don't have a release date or price yet either.

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