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Microsoft’s crazy 80-inch Windows 8 tablet

Just when we’d got over the shock of Viewsonic’s incoming 22-inch monster tablet, which isn’t called the EnormoSlab but should be, word reaches us of something even bigger. 22 inches, you say? Steve Ballmer’s tablet is an eighty-inche

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Does the Kindle Fire have a killer app?

The killer app for the Kindle Fire is Amazon itself, and on that front it delivers. It’s very easy to get hold of your Amazon ebooks, music and video, as well as magazines and TV shows, and there’s a huge selection. Apps are much thinner, though: the Kindle Fire uses Amazon’s app store, not the Android Market, so there’s around 10,000 titles compared to Android’s 300,000-plus.

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Are Tablets the new Newspaper?

We’re pretty sure that more and more of us will do more and more of our readings on tablet computers, but the bad news for publishers is that we might not be doing it using their apps. A new breed of newsreader has emerged on tablet computers, and it’s taking attention – and advertising – away from the big boys.

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