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Amazon’s tablet is nearly official

The much-rumoured Amazon tablet is nearly with us, the Wall Street Journal says – and given the Journal’s track record in breaking news of new technology products, we should be taking its report seriously.

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ZiiO Tablet from Creative Labs

Creative Labs have been making portable devices since God was in short trousers, and it brings its considerable expertise to the world of tablets in the form of the ZiiO. Unlike some other Creative devices this is a fully-fledged tablet rather than just a really big music and movie player.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

The much-rumoured Galaxy Tab successor has been unveiled, and it’s bigger and better than the iPad-battling original. Does the Galaxy Tab 2 have enough oomph to stay ahead of the rest of the Android pack?

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Viewsonic Viewpad 100 Review

The Viewpad promises the best of both worlds: all the horsepower of a Windows tablet for work, and the fun of Android for touch-related tomfoolery. When it’s good it’s very, very good, but it has a couple of serious flaws – not least that you can’t actually buy it yet.

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