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Toshiba AT300SE

Good news for fans of new tablets that look a bit like iPads but which are slightly different to existing ones: Toshiba has a new tablet, and it’s slightly different to another Toshiba tablet that also looks a bit like an iPad. The new one is the AT300SE

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Toshiba’s titanic tablet

Some tech firms look at the iPad and think: “if this were a bit smaller and a lot cheaper, it’d be great”. Not Toshiba, for whom size clearly matters: faced with a market of seven- and ten-inch tablets, including some of its own, Toshiba decided to go even bigger

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Attack of the giant underwater Tablets

Toshiba’s also going for the lucrative mermaid market: it’s built a waterproof tablet that you can drop into a fish tank without killing all the inhabitants – and you can charge it without making anything go all explody

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Introducing the AT200 from Toshiba

At just 7.7mm thick and 558g it makes the iPad 2 look like it needs a trip to the gym, but is its beauty more than (thin) skin deep?

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