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Is the Kindle HD as good as Amazon says?

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the Kindle Fire HD is the best tablet “at any price”. Is it? Now that the device is in the hands of independent reviewers, the verdicts are in – and it’s safe to say they’re a mixed bunch.

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Incoming: Microsoft Office for iPads

When a company denies something, it’s important to work out what it’s actually denying: is it denying that it’s doing something, or just denying the details of a particular story? Microsoft watchers think that when it comes to stories of Microsoft Office on the iPad, the firm is doing the latter. Office for iPad isn’t just inevitable; it’s incoming.

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Back to school for Apple’s iPad?

The rumour mill is swirling, because Apple’s holding a media event this month – but this one’s going to be held in New York rather than Silicon Valley. Unless Apple’s decided on the location so it can do a bit of shopping in the January sales, that means it’s something to do with the publishing industry, which calls New York its home.

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Motorola Xoom Family Edition

Christmas is coming, and that means just one thing: the annual orgy of consumerism where firms compete to part you from your hard-earned cash. Motorola’s entry is a new twist on a familiar device: a new Family Edition of its Android-powered Xoom Tablet.

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Revealed: Amazon’s Kindle tablet

The new Amazon Kindle is just weeks away, it seems at least one tech site has had the opportunity to play with a prototype, and the consensus is that Amazon’s new Fire tablet will go on sale in November, just in time for Christmas.

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Don’t believe the hype! TabCo launch falls flat

The internet was abuzz with stories about TabCo, a mysterious company that promised to launch an equally mysterious tablet. The hype suggested the technological equivalent of the Second Coming

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