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Who’s winning – and losing – in the tablet wars?

Tablets have successfully killed off the netbook computer – firms such as Asus have said they’ll stop making the tiny laptops this year – but the success hasn’t been spread evenly: some firms dominate the market

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Is the iPad party over?

For a long time, Apple has largely had the tablet market to itself, with rivals having to embark on ridiculous cost-cutting – hello, HP! – or extensive corner-cutting to try and take on everybody’s favourite tablet. Sales of Android tablets have been steady at best, and Apple currently has around 72% of the UK tablet market. However, pundits predict that storm clouds are gathering. Could the iPad honeymoon be coming to an end?

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Who’s next for the Tablet graveyard?

It’s ironic that tablets look rather like glossy gravestones, because several models have already ended up in the tablet graveyard

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