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We’ll keep on taking the tablets

If the current tablet frenzy is a bubble, it’s a long way from going pop: the latest statistics and surveys suggest that the public’s love of tablet computers is still burning strong

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Is the Kindle Fire going out?

Compared to the Christmas shopping period, the new year tends to show a bit of a slump — but according to IDC, while the overall market did indeed slump by some 38.4%, Amazon’s fall was particularly dramatic: not only did Amazon sell fewer tablets, but its market share dropped dramatically too

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Who’s the Android king? Er… Amazon

Has Google lost control of Amazon? That’s what the latest set of sales figures suggest, because the world’s favourite Android firm is now Amazon

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The big Tablet takeover

Our love of tablets isn’t going to fade any time soon, it seems: according to the latest research from NPD DisplaySearch, tablets accounted for one-quarter of all mobile PC shipments in 2011. That’s an impressive 72.7 million devices, representing a growth rate of 256%

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Are the big names saying “ta-ra” to tablets?

Tablet numbers aren’t looking good: while Apple sells tablets by the million, rivals are struggling to reach six-figure sales. According to the latest research by NPD, the best-selling non-Apple tablet manufacturer is HP, which sold 204,000 units between the launch of its tablets and the end of October; other big-name rivals barely cracked 108,000 sales

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The iPad explosion and the Tablet takeover

Tablets are big business, and getting bigger by the month. Latest figures show that tablet shipments increased by 331% this year, with Apple getting the lion’s share with 64% of the market.

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Nvidia, the trouble with Tablets

In 2010, processor firm Nvidia couldn’t get enough of tablets. “Without question, 2010 is going to be the year of the tablet,” creative strategies president Tim Bajarin said. Fast-forward a year, though, and the firm is more pessimistic. Tablets are rubbish!

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