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Laptops suffering as Tablet sales increase

When Apple unveiled the iPad last year, many tech pundits hooted: nobody’s going to buy one, they predicted. They were badly wrong. Millions of iPad sales later, it seems that tablets are starting to affect sales of laptops.

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Toughen up your Tablet device

Tablets are great, but they’re pricey – and that means protecting them from life’s little upsets is a smart move. Repairing a smashed screen costs a small fortune, and the thought of replacing a stolen one is enough to make your wallet weep.

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Need a Stylus for your Tablet device?

Tablets are designed for touch-based control, but you can’t help feeling a bit fat-fingered if you try and handwrite in an app or use your digits to draw. Hurrah, then, for styluses, which bring a level of precision to your writing and drawing that your fingers simply can’t compete with. They’re great in winter, too, because you can use them to control your device without taking off your mittens.

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What to look for in a Tablet?

Tablets, we’re told, are the future: desktops and laptops have had their day in the sun and it’s time for tablets to take over. Here’s the questions you should be asking before you buy one.

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