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Turn your tablet into a graphics tablet with Pogo Connect

Tablets deliver all kinds of finger-pointing fun, but if you’ve ever wished you could do more than fingerpainting then Pogo has a gadget for you. The Pogo Connect turns your iPad into a proper graphics tablet.

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The Nexus 7 is selling, but the iPad’s still the top tablet

One thing that might help sell more Nexus 7s is a range of accessories to make the tablet even more useful, and you’ll never guess what Google’s just about to release… that’s right! Accessories

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Does your Tablet need a Flote?

If you’ve ever wished somebody would adapt a microphone stand to hold your tablet, the Flote could be for you. Its inventors are currently looking for investment on Kickstarter, and the intention is to sell Flotes for around $250.

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Take your Tablet travelling

Tablet accessories you need depend on the kind of travelling you’re going to do, but some things make sense no matter where you plan to go.

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Logitech’s Tablet treats

Accessory maker Logitech is famed for its computer mice, but it makes everything from audio systems to webcams too and the arrival of tablets has inspired the firm to create some interesting new bits of kit that can make your tablet sing, play games or get some serious work done

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Luxury iPad2 Cases

If you’re the kind of person who thinks Apple’s Smart Covers are pricey, look away now: if you want a seriously luxurious case for your iPad 2, the price of a Smart Cover is mere pocket change. However, if you’d rather encase your iPad 2 in something that doesn’t look like a thinly disguised laptop bag or something that belongs in your freezer, you might find that the extra cash is worth it.

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Need a Stylus for your Tablet device?

Tablets are designed for touch-based control, but you can’t help feeling a bit fat-fingered if you try and handwrite in an app or use your digits to draw. Hurrah, then, for styluses, which bring a level of precision to your writing and drawing that your fingers simply can’t compete with. They’re great in winter, too, because you can use them to control your device without taking off your mittens.

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Tablet Travel Essentials

Tablets’ extra-long battery life makes them ideal for travellers, but what else should you put in your suitcase or carry-on luggage? These are the tablet accessories we don’t think you should leave home without.

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Best Tablet Docking Stations

Tablets aren’t just for surfing the web when you’re sitting on the sofa: they can be the centre of your home entertainment too – or at least, they can when you ignore their internal speakers and plug them into a docking station. So what’s available?

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What to look for in a Tablet?

Tablets, we’re told, are the future: desktops and laptops have had their day in the sun and it’s time for tablets to take over. Here’s the questions you should be asking before you buy one.

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