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Sony: tablets of every shape and size

Sony unveiled three new tablets last week: the Xperia Tablet S, The Vaio Duo 11 “tabtop” and the enormous Viao Tap 20

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Leaked: Sony’s Xperia tablet

It looks like Sony’s bringing its tablets under its Xperia umbrella: a leaked slideshow showing an upcoming Xperia tagblet has been leaked by XDA-Developers member QSP, who says he or she works for Sony

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Sony: we’re going to make our own tablet OS

Sony’s tablets are currently powered by Android, albeit a heavily customised Android. That may change: the electronics giant is apparently thinking of developing its own operating system for tablets and smartphones.

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Motorola Corvair: half-remote, half-tablet

What would happen if you left a tablet and a TV alone together with Barry White on the stereo? Motorola may have the answer: its forthcoming Corvair device is a weird cross between an Android tablet and a TV remote control.

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Sony S1 and S2 Tablets set for September release

We’ve been hearing about them for months, but at last some hard information is emerging about Sony’s S1 and S2 tablets

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Sony’s super S1 and S2 Android tablets

It isn’t official yet, but the Internet is swirling with rumours about the supposed Sony S1 Tablet, the first tablet from the famous electronics firm. These are the key rumours so far

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