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MSI WindPad Enjoy 7 and 10

Like many netbook manufacturers MSI was quick to clamber aboard the tablet bandwagon, but its WindPad 100W isn’t likely to come up when people discuss iPad killers. Could its next two tablets change that?

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Hands on with the Blackberry Playbook tablet

After months of hype, reviewers are getting their hands on RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook – and to say the reviews are mixed would be something of an understatement.

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Can a Tablet replace your PC

Tablet computers might not look like normal computers, but their insides are familiar enough: they’re essentially laptops with the keyboard removed – and as we know, laptops make pretty good everyday PCs. So are tablets good enough to render laptops redundant?

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Tablet Teaching

Tablets’ exceptional ease of use makes them so simple that children can use them – and they do, to the point where videos of two-year-olds using tablets have already become a YouTube cliche. But they’re capable of more than just a few scribbles: Apple’s iPads have been used with great success in special needs education, and touch screens are a boon for children who might not be able to use traditional keyboards and mice. They’re good at home too, with lots of apps to entertain and educate kids of all ages.

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Dell Streak 5 and 7 Reviews

Dell has two tablets to choose from: the 5-inch Streak 5 and the forthcoming seven-inch Streak 7. A third tablet, the Streak 10, is due later this year, although that one’s aimed at business users and will run Windows. So what do Dell’s current tablets have to offer?

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