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Say hello to Android tablets – from Intel

When Microsoft announced its plans to support ARM processors, Intel was a bit miffed: it’s been Microsoft’s partner for so long that many people use the word “Wintel” to describe Windows PCs. It looks like Intel has been planning its revenge

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Can a Tablet replace your PC

Tablet computers might not look like normal computers, but their insides are familiar enough: they’re essentially laptops with the keyboard removed – and as we know, laptops make pretty good everyday PCs. So are tablets good enough to render laptops redundant?

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Acer Iconia A100, A500 and W500 Tablets

Acer has not one, not two but three tablets it hopes will excite and delight you: the seven-inch A100, the ten-inch A500 and the ten-inch, Windows powered W500.

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2011 The Year of the Tablet

Tablets will be everywhere this year. Where 2010 was largely about tech firms promising tablets that didn’t turn up, 2011 is when the big hitters will actually ship. So what’s worth getting excited about?

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