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Nokia: we’re making tablets! Er, no we aren’t! Or maybe we are!

We hope Nokia’s tablet strategy is better than its communications one: this week the Finnish firm managed to confuse everybody by promising a whole bunch of new tablets and smartphones before apparently changing its mind and denying everything

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Tabco to announce Tablet 15th August

No photos of it, no detailed lists of specifications, and no indication of who makes it, what it does, where you’ll be able to buy it or how much it’s going to cost. So why is the internet talking about the TabCo tablet?

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Could your next tablet be a shape shifter?

If you’ve got big meaty hands used to bashing traditional keys, Tablets can be uncomfortable to type on too. But that might not be the case for long, because future tablets might morph into keyboards, game controllers or anything else you might like.

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MeeGo goes to China

Remember MeeGo, the Intel/Nokia collaboration whose mobile OS looked slightly doomed when Nokia climbed into bed with Microsoft? It turns out it isn’t dead: it’s moved to China.

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Tablet news from Mobile World Congress 2011

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is a very big deal – especially now that smartphones are outselling PCs. As more and more of us do our computing on tablet devices, MWC is a kind of crystal ball showing what we’ll be using in the months and years to come. So what were the stars of MWC 2011?

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