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HTC to USA: byeeeeee!

It hasn’t been a great year for HTC. As its most recent financial results demonstrate, it’s being squeezed not just by Apple but by its rival Samsung, which usurped it as king of the Android smartphones, and year on year revenues are down 48% with profits down 79%

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The HTC Quattro Tablet?

Rumour sites reckon they’ve got the inside scoop on HTC’s quad-core tablet, which is codenamed the HTC Quattro. The tablet, which we’re expecting to see in February 2012′s Mobile World Congress before a springtime release, will be the company’s first quad-core tablet

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Android update frenzy

Good news for Android fans: a whole bunch of Android updates are heading your way. Google’s been busy rolling out new versions of its operating system to hardware firms, and it’s even managed to find the time to make one of its own products tablet-friendly.

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Puccini 10 inch Tablet rumoured from HTC

While HTC is busily promoting its seven-inch HTC Flyer Android tablet, details of a bigger, better bit of kit are starting to emerge. According to internet rumour sites a new tablet, codenamed the HTC Puccini, will launch later this year.

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