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Dell Latitude 10 Essentials

Dell’s Latitude 10 Essentials tablet promises to be the first business-friendly Windows 8 Pro tablet under $500

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Is it a laptop? Is it a tablet? Nope – it’s a laplet

We’ve had laptops, and we’ve had tablets, and we’ve even had “phablets”, which inhabit the middle ground between smartphones and tablets. Now it seems we need a new term to describe tablets such as Dell’s XPS12 Duo

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Dell: Surface isn’t important

Dell’s moving into the tablet business, but unlike some Windows 8 manufacturers it isn’t worried about competition from Microsoft’s own Surface tablets

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The Dell Latitude 10 tablet

We’ve know for a while that Dell will be one of the Windows 8 launch partners, and now we know what its flagship Windows 8 tablet will look like: last week, Dell unveiled the Latitude 10 tablet

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Leaked: Dell’s Latitude 10 tablet plans

PC giant Dell is one of Microsoft’s key hardware partners, so it’s not a surprise to discover that it’s working on Windows 8 tablets. What is surprising, however, is that the tablets they’re working on are a bit… meh

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Dell dumps the streak: did the Kindle Fire kill it?

There’s been another casualty in the tablet wars: Dell’s Streak tablet. The five-inch model had already been put out to pasture, and now the seven-inch streak is en route to the glue factory. The problem, it seems, is that the Streak just wasn’t selling.

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Dell tablets are coming with Android and Windows 8

The cancellation of the 5-inch Streak tablet in the US doesn’t mean Dell’s getting out of the tablet business, quite the reverse.

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Dell Tablets – Streak Pro, Latitude ST and XT-3

Dell has already dipped its toes into the tablet water with its Streak range, and it’s got some interesting kit up its sleeve for 2011.

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