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Windows RT licence fee leaks: is Microsoft crazy?

As Android tablet firms know to their cost, it’s exceptionally difficult to make a tablet that’s as good as the iPad and as attractive as the iPad without charging considerably more than the iPad – so Microsoft’s partners in the PC business must be wondering whether it’s really serious about selling Windows 8 tablets

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Asus MeMO 3D Tablet

We’ve known about the Asus Eee Pad MeMO tablet for a while, but it’s evolved since Asus first announced it: the ultra-portable tablet now boasts a 3D display and stylus support, making it stand out from the rest of the Android tablet crowd.

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Intel’s Tablet plan

The tablet story so far has been largely about ARM: the Cambridge firm’s chip technology powers most of the big-name tablets, including Apple’s iPads. As you can imagine, Intel isn’t too chuffed about that – not least because Windows 8 is going to work on ARM tablets too.

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The Padfone from Asus

As we’ve often said, Asus is one of the most interesting tech firms around: not only did it pioneer the netbook, but it’s never been a firm to merely copy the competition.

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