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Carphone Warehouse, Tablet bargains and iPad confusion

Fancy a new tablet but don’t fancy paying full whack for it? Carphone Warehouse might have an offer for you: it’s reduced the price of a whole bunch of tablets

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Tablet prices are plummeting

Tablets are getting cheaper – and it’s mainly Apple’s fault. That’s the conclusion of analysts at IMS Research, which found that the average selling price of a tablet computer fell by 21% in the first three months of this financial year

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Xtex My Tablet 7: is this a Kindle Fire killer?

It’s small, it runs Android and it’s really cheap. No, not Amazon’s Kindle Fire, but Xtex’s My Tablet 7, which is pitched directly at would-be Kindle customers

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The Laptab tablet from Lexibook

If you’ve ever looked at a convertible tablet and thought “I wish that was cheaper, and more yellow”, then we’ve got good news: Lexibook’s Laptab promises to be a low-priced, sturdy Android device that’s a laptop when you need a laptop and a tablet when you need a tablet.

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Replacing your Tablet? Don’t forget to wipe your data

Red faces all round at Motorola last week: the firm has admitted that around 100 refurbished tablets went on sale without the previous users’ data being removed. Refurbished devices have been returned for multiple reasons – minor faults, users changing their mind, faulty chargers and so on – and can’t be resold as brand new devices.

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Here come the Tablet price cuts

2012′s barely begun and the price of tablets is already plummeting. RIM’s ongoing woes mean that its BlackBerry PlayBook is cheaper than ever at just £169 for the entry-level 16GB model, although be careful – that price is only in certain shops, such as Dixons, and other retailers are still charging significantly more

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Who’s taking the tablets? Everyone!

It’s amazing the difference a year makes. This time last year pundits were wondering whether tablets would ever take off; now, they’re bickering over how many millions of tablets each firm’s likely to sell.

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Here come the cheap Tablets

El Cheapo isn’t a genuine brand, of course, but the name does a good job of describing cheaper tablets that are likely to appear in enormous volumes over the next few years according to Taiwan Economic News.

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Archos’s new Android tablets unveiled

Archos has unveiled two brand new Android tablets: the Archos G9 80 and the Archos G9 101. They’re better specified than their predecessors and they’re cheaper too, so has Archos come up with some killer kit?

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