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Microsoft Surface Tablet

The tablet market isn’t a two-horse race between Apple and Google any more: Microsoft’s getting into the act too. In addition to the Windows 8 tablets we’re expecting to see later this year, Microsoft has announced its own tablet: the Surface

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Say hello to Android tablets – from Intel

When Microsoft announced its plans to support ARM processors, Intel was a bit miffed: it’s been Microsoft’s partner for so long that many people use the word “Wintel” to describe Windows PCs. It looks like Intel has been planning its revenge

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Windows Phone is not for tablets, says Microsoft

If you’ve admired the attractive Metro interface of Windows Phone 7 and wondered when you’ll see it on a tablet, Microsoft’s answer is… never.

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Intel’s Tablet plan

The tablet story so far has been largely about ARM: the Cambridge firm’s chip technology powers most of the big-name tablets, including Apple’s iPads. As you can imagine, Intel isn’t too chuffed about that – not least because Windows 8 is going to work on ARM tablets too.

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Incoming Tablet frenzy at Computex

Next week is Computex, the trade show where the electronics industry’s best and brightest shows off their best and brightest ideas. And a little bird tells us this year’s best and brightest ideas tend to be tablet-shaped.

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