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Pierre Cardin’s tablet doesn’t look terrific

Designers and technology go together like disco dancing and formaldehyde, or perhaps tea and masonry paint – so it’s hardly a surprise that the first ever designer tablet is the sort of thing you’d only buy if you cared more about the logo than the hardware.

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Who wants to be the Disgo king?

How much would you expect to pay for an Android tablet? £400? £350? How about £149? That’s what Play.com is currently charging for the Disgo 7900 tablet, making it one of the cheapest ten-inch tablets you can buy.

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Panasonic Viera Tablets

Panasonic’s Viera HDTVs are brilliant, so a Viera tablet should be a brilliant tablet too. That’s the theory, anyway. Does Panasonic deliver?

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Advent Vega Review

Normally when we ask “how much?” we mean something’s ridiculously expensive, but with the Advent Vega tablet the opposite applies: with a RRP of just £249 and a current street price of just £245, it’s one of the cheaper Android tablets available. Do you get what you pay for?

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