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Microsoft SmartGlass: control your telly with your tablet

For most of us, TVs and tablets are very different creatures that don’t talk to one another. Microsoft would like to change that, and its solution is called SmartGlass

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Will the Asus Padfone start a trend?

A few weeks ago Asus teased everyone with what appeared to be a combination of tablet and telephone, but few people expected anything quite as weird as the Asus Padfone. It’s a kind of hybrid tablet, but it’s not a tablet with phone features: it’s something a lot more interesting.

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Apple cut the cables

Cables are horrible things: they’re never around when you need them, and they’re always in the way when you don’t. Wouldn’t it be great if you could banish them altogether?

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Galapagos Tablets from Sharp

Sharp’s expertise in computing and mobile phone technology means it was just a matter of time before it joined the tablet party, and it’s doing that this year with two tablets dubbed Galapagos.

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Airplay accessories for the iPad

Apple’s AirPlay streams photos, music and movies from your iOS device to AirPlay-compatible kit. For a while Apple’s own Apple TV was the only AirPlay device around, but that’s changed as big-name electronics firms climb on the bandwagon.

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