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Notion Ink’s Adam Tablet

On paper, Notion Ink's Adam is one of the most exciting bits of kit the world of tablets have ever seen, unfortunately in the real world the picture isn't quite so sunny.

The specs are really interesting

The Adam isn't just a bog-standard Android tablet: it has a choice of screens to make things more interesting. The cheapest model has an LCD screen, but for a bit more you can get a Pixel Qi display. That's a low power, dual-mode screen that does an excellent impression of e-ink when you want to use your tablet as an e-reader. In addition to two kinds of screen you can choose between Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/3G models.

The launch has been a bit of a saga

The Adam has been plagued with problems since preorders went live in December. Orders were delayed, early units didn't work properly, others shipped without key applications and in late January, photos of the Adam's interior suggested that the build quality was, ahem, less than ideal. To be fair, Notion Ink is a small company and the Adam is its first tablet, but it is competing against some of the best engineers in the business: the build quality of, say, an iPad 2 is extraordinary.

The Adam is still having problems

On Notion Ink's official blog, the firm's Rohan Shravan apologised for delays and explained why things were taking so long. The firm says all the bad problems are now behind them, and Adam users will benefit from something other manufacturers won't promise: their tablets will always be supported. "There is one special assurance for Adam owners," Shravan writes. "Their devices will never become obsolete".

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