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LG Optimus Pad

LG makes some interesting devices - it's just showed off the world's first 3D smartphone - so its idea of an Android tablet is bound to be interesting. The tablet isn't 3D, but that doesn't mean it isn't impressive. As with many of the tablets unveiled at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) some details - such as release date and pricing - have yet to be announced, but provided LG doesn't go crazy with its pricing the Optimus is looking very smart indeed.

It's almost an iPad

At 8.9 inches the Optimus is bigger than most Android tablets and a little bit smaller than an iPad. The screen delivers 1280x768 WXGA resolution with a 15:9 aspect ratio, and while it isn't a 3D display the tablet's camera can record 3D. If you're thinking "isn't it a bit silly to record something the tablet can't display?" then you're thinking what we're thinking.

It runs Android 3.0

Unlike lesser tablets the Optimus Pad has been designed for Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the first tablet-specific version of Android. That delivers the latest Google apps including Maps, Books and Google Talk.

It does Full HD

The Optimus Pad can handle full HD decoding - that's 1080p - and output it to your TV via the integrated HDMI port.

It'll be out this Spring

LG says the Optimus Pad will "begin shipping in local markets" this March. Inevitably, pricing hasn't been announced yet.

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