HP Touchpad

Could this be the iPad killer? HP's Touchpad is beautifully engineered and has a gorgeous new operating system. If the price is right it could be a serious contender.

It runs WebOS

When HP acquired smartphone maker Palm, it acquired Palm's WebOS operating system - and that looks like a smart buy, because WebOS has got the pundits drooling. Where Android's interface (especially on devices running Android 2.x) is something of a Marmite job, WebOS is so pretty you'd think it came from Apple.

It's powerful

The 9.7-inch screen means it's a dead ringer for the iPad, but there's some powerful hardware inside: a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and 16GB or 32GB of solid state storage. There's a front-facing camera, Dr Dre's Beats Audio system to make MP3s sound better and a battery life HP claims is good for eight hours.

It comes in several flavours

There will be Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi/3G models, with a 4G model for the US market following on later. HP may be working on a WebOS netbook too.

It has its own App Store

HP's app store only has a few thousand apps so far, but they include big names such as Time magazine.

It might be out in September

Engadget obtained a leaked marketing slide pointing to a September launch in the UK and America.

Its price is a secret

Nobody knows how much the Touchpad will cost. Bearing in mind that September is a very long time away - there will be stacks of new Android tablets and an iPad 2, maybe even an iPad 3 to worry about by then - if it isn't priced keenly it could prove to be a tough sell. If HP gets the price right, however, the Touchpad could be a huge success.

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