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Hey big spender: Tablet owners are shopping mad

Tablet users are more likely to buy online in response to advertising than smartphone users, according to the latest survey by research firm Nielsen. The firm surveyed 1,762 users of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, with around 1,000 of those people saying they were tablet users. Of that 1,000, 36% said that they'd bought an item after seeing it advertised on their tablet, with 8% immediately using their tablet to place an order.

The survey suggests that tablet users are less annoyed by advertising than smartphone ones, almost certainly because tablets' bigger screens mean that advertising isn't as annoying.

Tablet users aren't just more accepting of ads: they're bigger spenders too. That's what software firm Adobe says in its latest Digital Marketing Insights report, which found that in 2011 tablet owners spent 54% more money online than mobile phone users and 21% more than desktop and laptop computer users. Adobe reckons that's partly a demographic issue: most tablet owners are males aged 18 to 34, a group that tends to have high levels of disposable income. That group is also a big fan of games, sales of which are booming on mobile devices.

The difference in spending could also be to do with apps, which can offer a nicer shopping experience than websites: according to analytics firm Flurry, tablet users now spend more time inside apps than they do using their device's web browsers.

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