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Here comes the iPad 3

The trickle of rumours and leaks has become a flood, and that can mean only one thing: Apple's about to launch a new product. We know what it is - the iPad 3 - and now we know when it's going to be unveiled: according to the usually-reliable All Things Digital, Apple is preparing a launch event for the first week in March. If Apple does what it normally does then the iPad 3 should start shipping within a few days of that date.

The launch date isn't the only thing floating around: images of cases and components claimed to be from the iPad 3 are floating around in large numbers too. It looks like the rumoured double resolution Retina Display is present and correct, but the rest of the iPad hasn't changed much: it appears to have the same basic shape and the same integrated magnets for mounting Smart Covers. Interestingly, tech site The Verge says that while the iPad 3 will be getting Apple's next-generation A6 processor, it'll be a dual-core model rather than the rumoured quad-core.

As with all looming announcements it's important to take things with a pinch of salt until Apple actually unveils the device - the internet indulged in an orgy of iPhone 5 speculation, much of it wrong, before Apple launched the iPhone 4S - but it's clear that if you're considering buying an iPad now, you really ought to wait a few more weeks.

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