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Fancy an iPad? Become a UK MP

Britain's 650 MPs may all be given iPads at the taxpayer's expense - but before the tabloids prepare furious headlines, it's important to note that the move will actually save the country money. That's according to Sir Alan Haselhurst, head of the House of Commons committee that's recommending MPs be issued with Apple kit.

In a statement, Haselhurst said "It seems that this is the future, for the convenience in terms of dealing with all the work MPs have to do, but also because it assists in what is a determined policy of the House - reducing the use of paper." A trial involving 16 committee members had saved "several thousand pounds", and Haselhurst reckons that means "there is a pretty sure case to say that the supply for these will lead to an overall saving for the public purse."

If you're wondering how shelling out on £400 tablets would save the taxpayer money, it's because the tablets would replace one of the three desktop and two laptop PCs MPs are issued with at the start of each Parliament. If you're wondering why MPs need five computers in the first place, or four computers and an iPad, so are we. Why not ask your MP?

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