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Viewsonic Viewpad 7 Review

It must be quite annoying being Viewsonic: the firm doesn’t have the cachet of Apple or Samsung, largely because its products tend to be me-too offerings rather than genuinely innovative devices.

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Binatone Homesurf 7 Review

At £99.99, the only tablet cheaper than the Binatone Homesurf 7 is one that’s been crudely drawn in crayon on a bit of cardboard. It’s no iPad, but should you consider it for sofa-based surfing?

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Blackberry Playbook Review

It looks amazing in the promo videos, but does the BlackBerry PlayBook have the horsepower to justify the hype? Manufacturer RIM claims it’s the fastest tablet ever, which is bound to annoy rivals whose tablets pack more processing power.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

It’s not quite as successful as Samsung claims, but there’s no doubt that the Galaxy Tab was the first real rival to the iPad. With a new version on its way, is the original Tab still a credible contender?

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Dell Streak 5 and 7 Reviews

Dell has two tablets to choose from: the 5-inch Streak 5 and the forthcoming seven-inch Streak 7. A third tablet, the Streak 10, is due later this year, although that one’s aimed at business users and will run Windows. So what do Dell’s current tablets have to offer?

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Viewsonic Viewpad 100 Review

The Viewpad promises the best of both worlds: all the horsepower of a Windows tablet for work, and the fun of Android for touch-related tomfoolery. When it’s good it’s very, very good, but it has a couple of serious flaws – not least that you can’t actually buy it yet.

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Archos 70 Review

Archos likes to do things differently from other firms, and its ultra-cheap Android tablet can also run a more traditional form of Linux if you prefer. So is this a tablet for Linux geeks, or is it useful for non-geeks too?

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Apple iPad Review

The tablet that kick-started the tablet revolution is about to be replaced, but it’s still comfortably ahead of many rivals – and Apple’s ongoing software updates mean it’ll stay fresh for some considerable time to come.

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