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Andy Pad Review

Some tablet firms just don’t get the same attention as Apple. Just look at the Andy Pad – we’re willing to bet you’ve never heard of it, and yet they – there are two models – are among the cheapest Android tablets on sale in the UK.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note

If you’re looking for something with plenty of power but don’t want or need a ten-inch tablet, the Galaxy Note is well worth considering

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Dell tablets are coming with Android and Windows 8

The cancellation of the 5-inch Streak tablet in the US doesn’t mean Dell’s getting out of the tablet business, quite the reverse.

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Google buys Motorola

It seems that Google liked Motorola’s Xoom so much, it bought the company: last week the search giant announced its acquisition of Motorola Mobility

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Who wants to be the Disgo king?

How much would you expect to pay for an Android tablet? £400? £350? How about £149? That’s what is currently charging for the Disgo 7900 tablet, making it one of the cheapest ten-inch tablets you can buy.

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The 5 best office apps for Android and Apple tablets

Some people say tablets are useless for proper work, but those people are fools: there’s a dizzying range of work-focused apps for Android and Apple devices, and some of them are very good. So which Microsoft Office alternatives should you consider for your tablet?

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The iPad explosion and the Tablet takeover

Tablets are big business, and getting bigger by the month. Latest figures show that tablet shipments increased by 331% this year, with Apple getting the lion’s share with 64% of the market.

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Asda introduce a £99.00 Tablet

Not everyone can afford to drop £400 on a tablet – but can a cut-price offering be any good? ASDA reckons it can be, and it’s selling the cheapest Android tablet we’ve ever seen.

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Amazon’s tablet is nearly official

The much-rumoured Amazon tablet is nearly with us, the Wall Street Journal says – and given the Journal’s track record in breaking news of new technology products, we should be taking its report seriously.

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Panasonic Android Toughbook at a glance

The forthcoming Toughbook tablet will be “designed and constructed with the mission-critical mobile user in mind”, the firm says, which is marketing-speak for “it’ll be pricey”.

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Feedback on the HTC Flyer Tablet

HTC’s seven-inch Android tablet looks good on paper and supplements finger input with an optional stylus. So what does the tech press make of it?

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Archos’s new Android tablets unveiled

Archos has unveiled two brand new Android tablets: the Archos G9 80 and the Archos G9 101. They’re better specified than their predecessors and they’re cheaper too, so has Archos come up with some killer kit?

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Hands on Review

The nice people at Asus let us play with their Eee Pad Transformer TF101 tablet, and we were keen to discover if it was as good as it looks.

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The Thrive Tablet from Toshiba

In a frenzy of alliteration, Toshiba has decided that the Toshiba Tablet will be the Toshiba Thrive. The firm can clearly make an excellent tongue-twister, but can it make an excellent tablet too?

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