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Google gives Tablets some Chrome

Good news for Android tablet owners: Google has brought Chrome, its super-speedy desktop browser, to Android devices. It’s currently in beta, which means there may be the odd loose end or rough edge, but it’s available now from the Android Market

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Can a £99 Tablet be any good?

When Amazon launched its Kindle Fire tablet, early reviews noted that its low price – it’s $199 – meant that corners had to be cut. Presumably, then, a $99 tablet would need to cut even more corners, to the point where there might not actually be any tablet left. Is that the case with the Ainovo Novo 7 Basic?

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Android’s gaining on Apple – but it’s still miles behind

The latest predictions for tablet sales include some mind-boggling numbers, but while Android’s market share is growing fast Apple’s still the manufacturer to beat. According to research firm NPD, tablet PC shipments will increase from 72.7 million last year to 383.7 million units in 2017

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The Kindle Fire is the new Android king

Analysts now believe that the Kindle Fire may have sold as many as six million units. That’s still some way behind Apple’s iPad, but it’s considerably more than other Android-powered tablets are selling, even the ones from market leader Samsung

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Kurio: the Tablet for kids

If you’re fed up with the kids hogging your iPad or just fancy something tough and tablet-shaped to help your children learn, Inspiration Works Kurio could be the tablet for you: the Android device, due to hit the UK in July, is designed specifically for children aged four to fifteen

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Velocity Micro Cruz T507 and T510

You don’t need to pay top dollar for an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet: the new Velocity Micro Cruz T507 promises to deliver Android 4.0 for just $150. The North American computer firm is a newcomer to the tablet market, but its first two tablets could be interesting arrivals in the sub-$200 category

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Lenovo battles Asus’s Transformers

Asus’s excellent Transformer tablets have a new rival. In fact, they have two: the latest IdeaTab tablets from laptop king Lenovo, the K2 and S2. Let us know if any of this sounds familiar

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2011: Tablet highs and lows

We began 2011 full of excitement: not only was the iPad 2 imminent, but we were giddy with excitement at the prospect of the BlackBerry PlayBook, HP’s TouchPad and a range of Android Honeycomb devices. Twelve months on and while the market’s moved on.

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Samsung Galaxy 7.7 Tab

In a world of me-too tablets, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 has something no other tablet firm can offer: a Super AMOLED Plus display, delivering extraordinarily bright colours and deep blacks, making even the iPhone 4′s screen look rather drab, and its 1280×800 WXGA display offers best-in-class pixel density.

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Motorola: Ice Cream Sandwich is coming… eventually

If you’re desperate to install Ice Cream Sandwich on your Motorola device, the company feels your pain: it wants you to have the latest, greatest version of Android too, but unfortunately it’s a bit more complicated than providing an over the air update

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Introducing the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet

Which high-profile firm do you think has the world’s first tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android? Motorola? Samsung? Asus? Nope: the prize goes to the little-known Chinese manufacturer Ainovo

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Tablets: Prepare for a price war

Fancy getting your hands on an Android tablet? You might want to wait until after Christmas. According to news site DigiTimes, “waves of price cuts” are coming as manufacturers struggle to shift unsold stock.

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The HTC Quattro Tablet?

Rumour sites reckon they’ve got the inside scoop on HTC’s quad-core tablet, which is codenamed the HTC Quattro. The tablet, which we’re expecting to see in February 2012′s Mobile World Congress before a springtime release, will be the company’s first quad-core tablet

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Asus Transformer Prime

With its latest Android tablet Asus takes its giant robot naming policy a step further, but there’s more to the Prime than its kiddie-cartoon name: the Transformer Prime boasts some seriously impressive hardware

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