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Is Dr Dre the iPad killer?

Dr Dre – who, like Dr Fox, isn’t a real doctor – seems to have a new role: iPad killer. He’s not doing it personally, though: he’s doing it via his hardware business. Dre’s Beats Audio systems are already a familiar sight in laptops from HP, and now the technology’s coming to smartphones and tablets.

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HP Touchpad Review

If you’ve been dying to get your hands on an HP TouchPad, your wait is nearly over: pre-orders start on the 19th of June and the tablet goes on sale in July.

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HP Touchpad Video

Video demo’s of the new Touchpad from HP, courtesy of Steve Chippy and Phonearena, both providing hands on footage of the device and operating system.

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HP Touchpad

Could this be the iPad killer? HP’s Touchpad is beautifully engineered and has a gorgeous new operating system. If the price is right it could be a serious contender.

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Tablet news from Mobile World Congress 2011

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is a very big deal – especially now that smartphones are outselling PCs. As more and more of us do our computing on tablet devices, MWC is a kind of crystal ball showing what we’ll be using in the months and years to come. So what were the stars of MWC 2011?

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2011 The Year of the Tablet

Tablets will be everywhere this year. Where 2010 was largely about tech firms promising tablets that didn’t turn up, 2011 is when the big hitters will actually ship. So what’s worth getting excited about?

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