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Google Nexus 7: a huge success

While sales of seven-inch tablets have been sluggish, Google’s Nexus 7 has been flying off the shelves: it’s been so popular that Google is currently out of stock of the £199 16GB version

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The 4G BlackBerry PlayBook is coming. Does anybody care?

Remember the BlackBerry PlayBook, the supposed iPad killer that nearly bankrupted its creator, RIM? It’s still going, and there’s a brand new version due as early as next week: the much-promised 4G LTE PlayBook is imminent

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Why most tablet owners are middle aged

Technology’s supposed to be the preserve of young people with lots of disposable income but according to new research by telecoms watchdog Ofcom, the people most likely to own tablets are middle aged

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Are tablet newspapers like The Daily doomed?

Remember The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s exciting new iPad (and Android) newspaper? It was unveiled amid plenty of hype, endorsed by the late Steve Jobs and promised a new, electronic future for newspapers

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Will future tablets fold?

Not everyone thinks that the plain old slate design is the best form factor for tablet computing and the tablets of the future could look very different.

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Who’s got two tablets?

Moses isn’t the only person to carry two tablets with him: a growing number of UK tablet users have not just one, but two or more tablets in their homes. The news comes via research firm YouGov

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Incoming: twenty Intel tablets

This time last year, every new tablet appeared to have an ARM processor inside it. This year’s different: many of the new tablets we’re seeing are Intel-powered, and the firm says we’ll see some 20 Intel-powered Windows 8 tablets this year

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Has Microsoft Office 2013 got the magic touch?

Microsoft Office is big business for Microsoft – it’s worth even more than Windows – so it tends to play it safe. Not this year: Office 15, aka Office 2013, is a big step forwards – and a big leap towards tablets

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Give your tablet GPS with Garmin GLO – for pros

While many tablets come with integrated GPS systems, they’re not exactly top-end options – and if you try to use them in built-up areas, in the middle of nowhere or in a deep, dark forest you’ll encounter their limitations fairly quickly

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Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 Hybrid Tablet

Windows 8 isn’t out yet – we’ll need to wait until October for that – but the march of the Windows 8-ready machines has begun, and one of the first firms to show off new kit is Fujitsu. Its Stylistic Q702 is a powerful hybrid tablet that’s rather similar to the Transformer Prime

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Amazon: we’re making four Kindles

In a move guaranteed to delight fans of the Two Ronnies, Amazon appears to be making four kindles for release later this year – and a smartphone too

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iPad mini: why it won’t be 7 inches, and why that’s important

There’s been an astonishing amount of reporting about the rumoured iPad mini, and it’s generated more column inches than many products that actually exist. If the rumours are correct and Apple really is working on a small iPad, however, it seems that much of the reporting so far has been misinformed

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RIM: we’re still making new tablets

According to a leaked document, Blackforest is a brand new tablet that’s due to launch in late 2013. Running the latest BB10 operating system, Blackforest will have a 10-inch screen and may have as much as 128GB of storage.

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Bill Gates: Apple needs to make a surface

Former Microsoft boss Bill Gates reckons that if Apple really wants to be successful, it needs to copy Microsoft’s Surface. That’s the world’s most successful tablet firm copying a device that hasn’t actually shipped yet

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