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Samsung Series 5 and Samsung Series 7

There’s more to Samsung than being sued by Apple: it’s been busy making some new tablets, and the results are the Series 5 and Series 7 range

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Sony: tablets of every shape and size

Sony unveiled three new tablets last week: the Xperia Tablet S, The Vaio Duo 11 “tabtop” and the enormous Viao Tap 20

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The Archos GamePad

You don’t revolutionise Android gaming every day, but that’s what Archos reckons it’s done with its new GamePad tablet

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2: return of the phablet

When Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy Note, pundits created a new category to describe it: the big phone / small tablet was dubbed a “phablet” to reflect the fact that nobody seemed entirely sure what it was. It’s been a surprise hit for the firm, and as a result it’s back with a host of improvements

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The Asus Vivo Tab and Vivo Tab RT

It’s been a busy month for Asus: not only is it showing off its new Transformer Book PC/tablet hybrid, but it’s also got a pair of new tablets for us to look at. The Vivo Tab and Vivo Tab RT and Windows 8 devices

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Asus Transformer Books

The lines between laptops and tablets have been blurring for some time, helped by firms such as Asus with its Transformer range of dockable slates. Now the firm is coming at the hardware from a different direction.

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Microsoft Surface: big deal or damp squib?

When Microsoft unveiled its Surface tablet, which goes on sale in October, CEO Steve Ballmer strongly suggested that Microsoft didn’t intend to compete with its many hardware partners: the Surface would be a relatively small-scale operation designed to “prime the pump” and inspire other hardware firms

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HP: we’re back in the tablet business

It’s not a great time to be HP: the tech giant just posted its biggest-ever loss, a whopping $8.9 billion

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Tablets will outsell laptops this year

Remember when laptop computers outsold desktop PCs, and everybody danced around delighted that we were living in the future? Maybe that was just us – and we’re going to dance again very soon, because laptops appear to be going the way of the desktop

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Samsung Galaxy 10.1 in “rubbish” shocker

If you’re not on the receiving end, a really damning review can be fascinating. We can’t imagine Samsung’s marketing people are too chuffed, though, because their Galaxy 10.1 tablet has received the mother of bad reviews from the Android Police website

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Archos Gen10 XS tablet

Could the new Gen10 XS tablet line, which Archos says creates “a new standard of thin for tablets”, make the world take it more seriously?

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Guess who’s still the tablet king?

When it comes to tablets, Apple’s still the undisputed king of the hill: record sales in the last financial quarter recovered all the ground it had lost to rivals and more, giving the firm an extraordinary 70% share of the 24.4 million tablets sold between April and June

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Sky + iPad: bye-bye remote control?

Good news for iPad owners who also have Sky+ boxes: Sky has just updated its iPad app so you can use your tablet to control your TV. You can move between channels, pause live TV and plan your viewing

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Is the iPad Mini a big iPod, an iPad Air or Airpad?

We’re getting closer and closer to Apple’s September iPhone event, and the rumour mill is increasingly convinced that we’ll see a new, smaller iPad either during the event or shortly afterwards

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