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Cheap Kindle Fires broke all records – but the records are secret

When Amazon cut the price of its Kindle Fire for the Black Friday shopping weekend, the tablets flew off the shelves – in fact, they sold so quickly that Amazon managed to sell mumblemumble

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Attack of the cut-price Christmas tablets: but which small tablet is the best Xmas buy?

Christmas is a time for loving, and for giving, and for having fisticuffs in shops over must-have gadgets. This year’s fisticuff instigators are likely to be small tablets, which seem set to be the must-have items in Santa’s sack

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Bad news for Microsoft: iPads are “the new Windows”

Windows 8 is less than a month old, and already some analysts are saying it’s too little, too late: according to UBS Securities analyst Steve Milunovich, Apple’s iOS software is “the new Windows”

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The Nook HD: can it be more than a niche player in the UK?

Making a successful tablet isn’t easy. You need to get the right mix of components, and ensure that they’re powerful enough to deliver a silky-smooth experience. You need to find a price that won’t scare people off, while hopefully making a little bit of profit

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Get a Kindle Fire for just £99, £30 discount until 26th November

No, we’re not pushing some dodgy auction deal: for Black Friday, Amazon has chopped £30 from the price of its Kindle Fire tablet until Monday the 26th of November

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Microsoft Surface: a big fish in a small pond?

Good news! Microsoft’s Surface is the most popular small Windows RT out there! Bad news! That’s not saying much, and the sums could be wonky anyway!

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Never mind Post-PC: today’s tablets are post-pie

If you’re reading this slumped on the sofa with a belly full of food you may be an early adopter of the hot new craze sweeping the planet: post-pie commerce.

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Is it a laptop? Is it a tablet? Nope – it’s a laplet

We’ve had laptops, and we’ve had tablets, and we’ve even had “phablets”, which inhabit the middle ground between smartphones and tablets. Now it seems we need a new term to describe tablets such as Dell’s XPS12 Duo

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The HP ElitePad 900

When HP made its ill-fated TouchPad, the plan was to compete with Apple’s iPad. It wasn’t the most successful strategy, and HP briefly exited the tablet market altogether. Now, though, it’s back in business

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Xbox Surface: Microsoft’s gaming tablet

The rumour really started on tech site The Verge, which claimed that Microsoft was building “Xbox Surface”. The device would be a gaming tablet, The Verge said, and it would be a seven-inch device. An allegedly leaked spec sheet added more details

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Carphone Warehouse, Tablet bargains and iPad confusion

Fancy a new tablet but don’t fancy paying full whack for it? Carphone Warehouse might have an offer for you: it’s reduced the price of a whole bunch of tablets

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Tablets make your working day longer

If you use your tablet to access work emails in the evenings or when you’re supposed to be on holiday, you’re not alone: two new studies have found that mobile devices are making the working week last longer and invade many people’s free time

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Surface tension: Acer delays its Windows RT tablets

Microsoft’s Surface RT is the flagship device for Windows RT, but it’s been attracting mixed reviews: the consensus appears to be that the Surface RT is a lovely bit of kit with less lovely software

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Google Nexus 7 3G Version

Google’s Nexus 7 has been warmly received – so much so that when Apple launched the iPad mini, it spent an awful lot of time slagging off the Nexus in an unusually defensive manner – but one of its big weak points for many potential customers was the lack of a 3G version

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