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The Archos 97 Titanium HD Tablet

It looks like HD will be the big trend in 2013′s tablets. We’ve already seen ultra high definition displays in the latest iPads and Google Nexus 10s, and now it seems everyone else is getting in on the act

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Dell and HP Windows tablet delays: are chip problems the culprit?

If you’ve been wondering why there seem to be so few big-name Windows 8 tablets, it’s not that manufacturers don’t want to make them; it’s that they’re having problems making enough of them

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Apple crushes its Christmas tablet rivals

The official figures aren’t out yet, but it looks like Apple crushed all-comers this Christmas: according to a completely unscientific study, the iPad was the most popular new tablet this Xmas

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We’re shopping with smartphones but it’s tablets that ring the tills

Many people got tablets this Christmas – and that’s great news for retailers, not just today, but for as long as they own the devices. It seems that tablet users are much more likely to buy things online than smartphone users

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The trouble with titchy Tablets

If you’re considering buying a seven-inch tablet, how do you know which one to go for? We’ve already provided in-depth guides to each one and some useful buying advice, and now there’s more information to help you

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Asus: let’s make tablets even cheaper

Asus knows a thing or two about making cheap tablets that don’t suck: it’s the name behind Google’s Nexus 7, which it built in association with Google and Nvidia

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Oh no! Now tablets are killing printers!

Tablets responsible for the demise of pretty much anything you can think of: netbooks, notebooks, Microsoft, e-readers, people talking to each other on trains, decent music… and now we have a new entry on the list: printers

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Microsoft’s making more Surfaces

Last week we discovered that Microsoft is designing several new Surface tablets; this week, it emerged that it’s making a lot more of the existing ones too

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The Fuhu Nabi XD Tablet

The run up to Christmas tends to be a fairly quiet time in technology, so anything new stands out. That means Fuhu’s Nabi XD tablet should get more attention than it might otherwise have managed

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Are tablets killing Kindles?

Dedicated e-readers’ days could be numbered, according to a new survey by iSuppli: the firm reckons that demand for e-readers has peaked and will soon collapse, and it’s all because of tablets

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Microsoft makes three new Surface tablets, including a Surface Book

It’s safe to say that Microsoft’s ventures into the world of tablets haven’t been entirely successful: ten years of Tablet PCs barely dented the mainstream, while this year’s Surface RT has been plagued by so-so reviews and the odd high profile snub

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Windows tablets will be a big deal… eventually

Good news and bad news for Microsoft this week: the good news is that analysts expect sales of Windows tablets to be significant; the bad is that they don’t think it’ll happen before 2016

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Attack of the ten-inch tablets: which one’s the best Christmas buy?

Last week we explored the world of small, affordable tablets to decide which ones were the best buys for Christmas. This week it’s time for their bigger brothers, the ten-inch tablets

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Why Windows 8 tablets aren’t selling yet

So far, it seems, the launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets has been a bit of a dud: Microsoft has admitted that sales of its Surface tablets have been “modest”

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