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Microsoft SmartGlass: control your telly with your tablet

For most of us, TVs and tablets are very different creatures that don’t talk to one another. Microsoft would like to change that, and its solution is called SmartGlass

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Asus Tablet 810

In tablets Asus is probably best known for its Android-powered Transformer range, but the firm also makes all kinds of Windows PCs and PC components – so it’s not a surprise to see Asus among the list of manufacturers planning to release Windows 8 tablets later this year

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Asus Tablet 600

The Tablet 600 is one of two Windows 8 tablets unveiled at this year’s Computex trade show

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Microsoft’s crazy 80-inch Windows 8 tablet

Just when we’d got over the shock of Viewsonic’s incoming 22-inch monster tablet, which isn’t called the EnormoSlab but should be, word reaches us of something even bigger. 22 inches, you say? Steve Ballmer’s tablet is an eighty-inche

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Windows 8 tablets: too expensive, too late?

Are you excited about Windows RT, the version of Windows 8 developed specifically for ARM-powered tablets?

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On the web, Tablets are even more popular than smartphones

Tablets will account for more than 10% of all web traffic in 2014, according to the latest survey by creative tools firm Adobe, and they’re growing faster than smartphones did: tablets’ share of web browsing in their first two years grew ten times more quickly than smartphones did

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New chips could make tablet tech irrelevant

The spec sheets on your next tablet could be completely irrelevant if graphics giant NVIDIA gets its way: in the future, it suggests, we’ll be getting faraway computers to do the heavy lifting on our tablets’ behalf

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A Motorola Xoom 2 for £264? Bargain!

It’s possible to get an awful lot of premium Android tablet without spending an awful lot of money

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We’ll keep on taking the tablets

If the current tablet frenzy is a bubble, it’s a long way from going pop: the latest statistics and surveys suggest that the public’s love of tablet computers is still burning strong

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UK MPs’ “unnecessary iPads” shocker

Imagine you’re a British Member of Parliament, and you’ve been kitted out with a iPad 2 at taxpayers’ expense. Is the correct response (a) say “thanks very much!” and use it every day, or (b) say “boo hoo I want a new one” and demand you get the very latest version

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Lenovo: we’re thinking about Windows 8 ThinkPads

Lenovo’s ThinkPads are among the world’s best business laptops, so when the firm says it’s seriously considering Windows 8-powered ThinkPad tablets it’s worth paying attention

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Lenovo Thinkpad X230 Tablet

While Lenovo’s making plans for Windows 8 tablets, it’s also making and shipping Windows 7 ones: its ThinkPad X230 tablet works like a laptop when you need a laptop and like a tablet when you need a tablet

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Apple tells Google Maps to get lost

Apple is putting together a major new version of iOS, iOS 6.0, which is expected to ship this October if not sooner — and on iOS 6, the mapping application will be powered not by Google’s maps

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Samsung unveils a split-screen, dual-display tablet

Just because someone else tried and failed with a product doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea, just ask Apple, who came to the tablet market a decade after Microsoft tried and failed to persuade the planet to buy Tablet PCs and whose iPad is doing quite well

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