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Binatone Homesurf 7 Review

At £99.99, the only tablet cheaper than the Homesurf 7 is one that's been crudely drawn in crayon on a bit of cardboard. It's no iPad, but should you consider it for sofa-based surfing? Battery life isn't brilliant, build quality isn't fantastic and the screen isn't multitouch, but the Homesurf isn't a bad budget buy.

It's not the usual touch screen

While the Homesurf has a touch screen, it's not the capacitive kind you'll find on pricier tablets: it's a resistive one, which means it doesn't do multi-touch and it requires some fairly firm prodding with your fingers or the supplied stylus. If you've used older, touch-screen satnav devices you'll be familiar with that kind of screen.

It doesn't have 3G or GPS or a camera

Getting down to the £99.99 price point means some corners have had to be cut, and cameras, GPS and 3G simply aren't possible for that kind of cash.

It doesn't do Flash

Mind you, neither does the iPad - and that's nearly five times the price.

It doesn't have Android Market

If Apps matter, you'll be mildly irritated by the lack of the Android Market: you'll have to find the apps yourself.

The specs are - surprise! - pretty basic

We're talking 800x480 display, Android 1.6, 2GB of on-board storage (expandable to 16GB via MicroSD card, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and a predicted 3 hours from the battery.

You get what you pay for

If all you want is a fairly slow and clunky tablet for browsing the net, the Homesurf isn't bad - but if you're thinking of it as an ebook reader, £11 more would buy you Amazon's vastly superior Kindle. If price is the single most important factor then it's certainly worth a look, but don't expect an iPad killer.

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