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Archos’s new Android tablets unveiled

Archos has unveiled two brand new Android tablets: the Archos G9 80 and the Archos G9 101. They're better specified than their predecessors and they're cheaper too, so has Archos come up with some killer kit?

They come in two sizes

The G9 80 is an eight-inch tablet running at 1024x768 resolution, while the 101 has a 10.1-inch screen delivering 1280x800. Both devices have 16GB of flash memory, 1.5GHz dual-core processors, miniHDMI output and Android Honeycomb.

They're really cheap

Archos has priced its G9 tablets very aggressively: the G9 80 is just £199, while its bigger sibling is only slightly more expensive at £249.99. If you'd rather have a 250GB hard disk, that model will go on sale later this year for £399.

They're not made from diamonds and titanium

If you want Apple-style build quality and precision engineering then by all means spend twice as much on an iPad 2. Archos's tablets aren't badly built - far from it - but they do appear rather pedestrian compared to pricier rivals. Don't look at the casing, though: look at the price tag.

They don't do 3G

3G isn't available as an internal component: it's available via an add-on dongle that will set you back another £50.

We're pretty tempted

If you haven't already invested in a tablet, Archos's G9 models could be just the ticket: they're cheap, portable and running the latest, tablet-friendly version of Android. It'll be interesting to see if other firms can match Archos's bargain basement price without cutting too many corners.

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